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Best Places to land in PUBG Mobile | Loot Spots

Best Places to land in PUBG Mobile | Drop Locations | Loot Spots: Cities and bases often contain the highest volume of loot in PUBG Mobile but as a result, they also attract the most players - this, of course, increases the odds you'll get taken out early. It’s kill or be killed in these situations, but if you can make it out alive you’ll be bursting at the seams with powerful weaponry and bulky armour. Check out these PUBG Mobile tips on Best Places to land in PUBG Mobile.
Best Places to land in PUBG Mobile | Loot Spots
Best Places to land in PUBG Mobile | Loot Spots
This doesn’t mean quieter areas don’t contain rare loot, but you’re less likely to max out your gear in these smaller, out of the way zones. That said though, your chances of surviving more than five minutes improve dramatically once you get off the beaten path a little bit.

Best Places to Land in PUBG Mobile:

  1. Sosnovka Military Base
  2. Georgopol
  3. Boot Camp
  4. Paradise Resort
  5. Hacienda del Patron
  6. Pecado
  7. Cosmodrome
  8. Castle

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Drop Locations | Loot Spots | PUBG Mobile | MGSTATS
Drop Locations | Loot Spots | PUBG Mobile | MGSTATS
If you want the best possible start in a game of PUBG, then you’ll need to pick and choose your landing location extremely wisely. All maps contain plenty of areas to investigate, ranging from cities to abandoned ruins, and it’s up to you to work out which location is going to best suit your needs.

Best PUBG Mobile Drop Locations:


Sosnovka Military Base - Located right at the bottom of the map, Sosnova Military Base is a huge complex that offers some of the best loot in the game. You'll likely find Tier 3 armour scattered around all over the place - just watch your back. (High Risk)

Pochinki - A large city located in the centre of the map. Expect action straight away amongst the tight cluster of buildings. (High Risk)

Best Places to land in PUBG Mobile | Loot Spots
Pochinki | PUBG Mobile | MGSTATS

-One of the hottest drops in erangel An enormous concentration of buildings that snake along the coastline, Georgopol contains a decent amount of gear but you'll have to do a lot of rummaging around to get it. You're very likely to encounter enemies immediately after landing, so do exercise caution as it's easy to lose track of enemies in the concrete jungle. (High Risk)

Lipovka - Nestled right on the East side of the map and you'll rarely encounter many enemies landing here alongside you. Strange really, because it's full of loot! (Medium/Low Risk)

Yasnaya Polyana - Filled with huge 3-4 storey buildings, you're likely to find some decent gear here and still have the opportunity to get out unscathed. (Medium/Low Risk)

Novorepnoye - A port on the eastern edge is home to a small cluster of houses and a large shipyard that's filled with some great loot. Novorepnoye does tend to attract quite a few players though, so make sure you're the first to land here. (High Risk)

Best Places to land in PUBG Mobile | Loot Spots
Novorepnoye | PUBG Mobile | MGSTATS

Prison - In a similar vein to School, Prison is an enclosed space that'll attract many players. Landing first here is essential to surviving the onslaught! (Low Risk)


Paradise Resort -Paradise resort is one of the few named areas towards the centre of the map and offers some solid loot for anyone that goes there. It’s actually a pretty large area, so can handle multiple people dropping, but the open courtyards you have to cross mean at some point you are probably going to be in a fight. Even if you think it's far enough away from the plane path that no one will go there, there’s always a very high chance of someone joining you. (High Risk)

Best Places to land in PUBG Mobile | Loot Spots
Paradise Resort | PUBG Mobile | MGSTATS

Boot Camp - Boot Camp is probably the hottest drop in the entire game. Its right in the middle of the map and has really high loot spawn rates, but the key difference here is that the size and layout of Boot Camp mean multiple people can co-exist in the area for quite a while. It has perhaps the best loot on the entirety of Sanhok and more than enough to kit out multiple people. (High Risk)

Quarry -If you want a more relaxed time then head to the massive quarry, which is also fairly central. No one drops here because the loot is limited and you are exposed from pretty much every angle. But as no one drops anywhere near here you are usually guaranteed an easy first few minutes. (Low Risk)

Camp Bravo -Like most of the other camps on Sanhok, Camp Bravo offers some great loot, but its location on the edge of the map can make it a pain if the circle is not kind. If you are confident in your rotations then this is a solid drop, and there are three potential vehicle spawns in very close proximity to the camp to help out in that regard. (High/Medium Risk)

Ha Thin -Ha Thin is a surprisingly large area to loot, and its layout means you can quickly move through it and move on with a decent arsenal in your backpack. It’s viability really depends on the plane path, anything too southern and this is probably a bad call, but if you can reach it easily it is a great drop. (Medium Risk)

Sah Mee -Sanhok is certainly lacking in proper urban areas, but Sah Mee is probably the closest you will get. This, of course, brings a lot of loot, but with it being all in two-storey houses its not the easiest place to loot efficiently. You’ll also have to be careful when moving from building to building because it is pretty easy to sneak past someone unnoticed. (High/Medium Risk)

Best Places to land in PUBG Mobile | Loot Spots
Sahmee | PUBG Mobile | MGSTATS

Camp Alpha -Camp Alpha is very similar to Camp Bravo, but its position on the smaller northern island makes it slightly less favourable in our opinion. Often having to cross the river is difficult and chances are high you will have to cross at some point if you drop here.
However, the loot is very good, and if you can hold down the camp it can almost become an impenetrable fortress, as you should be able to spot anyone coming in from quite a way off if you play on the roofs. (High/Medium Risk)


Hacienda del Patron - This is most definitely the School of Miramar. It's one big circular building with a couple of outhouses that attracts tonnes of players each match. There's a great gear to be had here, it's just a question of whether you can outgun everyone else. Emerge the victor though and you'll feel like a king. (High Risk)

Best Places to land in PUBG Mobile | Loot Spots
Hacienda del Patron | PUBG Mobile | MGSTATS

Complejo Penitenciario - Very similar to Erangel's Prison, ensure you're looting as quickly as possible and ready yourself for a slew of gunfights right away. Outlast the opposition and you'll be rewarded handsomely. (High Risk)

Campo Militar - A collection of warehouses and buildings that hold some really rare items including Suppressors for Assault Rifles and Snipers or tier 3 armour. Expect some resistance and make sure you've got a vehicle to escape the blue if you manage to make it out! (High Risk)

Impala - This is a small but dense area that's fit for bleeding dry. To the north of the city, there's an industrial plant which often has some fantastic weaponry and armour stashed away below it. (Medium Risk)

Los Leones - The largest city in Miramar, Los Leones is an enormous complex of buildings. Expect loads of loot, loads of people and loads of fighting. (High Risk)

Pecado - Home to the infamous casino, Pecado is a hive of activity from the get-go. (High Risk)

Best Places to land in PUBG Mobile | Loot Spots
Pecado | PUBG Mobile | MGSTATS
San Martin - Broken concrete buildings on the outskirts of San Martin usually hold some glorious goodies - a favourite of ours. (Medium/Low Risk)


Castle -Castle is by far the most popular destination in Vikendi thus far, set to become to Vikendi what Hacienda is to Miramar. It is a fairly central and defensible location, surrounded by water on all sides. The walkway near the main tower is a great sniping spot, allowing for teams to gain some free intelligence, though the interior is also relatively open. (High/Medium Risk)

Best Places to land in PUBG Mobile | Loot Spots
Castle | PUBG Mobile | MGSTATS

Goroka -Goroka is the other big party location where everyone wants to fire their guns around. This rather tightly laid out town is built upon a small mound, meaning that there’s a fair bit of verticality to consider. Goroka is large enough that you won’t need to explore it all to find decent weapons and gear, as well as a tonne of vantage points for coverage down towards the lake. (High Risk)

Shacks to the south of Dobro Mesto -Despite the fact the main part of Dobro Mesto has some very good loot, there’s also a lot of other players that could be running around. For those who don’t wish to engage immediately but still want half-decent loot, the shacks that you can see in the bottom-left part of the image above, up to the hill slightly, have some very good weapons and in our experience a full set of level 3 armour. (High/Medium Risk)

Cosmodrome -Cosmodrome is a massive complex that has a decent amount of loot, but it’s all very spread out. What makes this area a lot more interesting is the fact it has underground parts, safe from the threat of sniper rifles and other players driving around in vehicles. One particular part is on a cliff face, with a gantry leading up to it. It can provide some excellent cover, as well as the opportunity to escape if you are discovered. (High/Medium Risk)

Best Places to land in PUBG Mobile | Loot Spots
Cosmodrome | PUBG Mobile | MGSTATS

Hot Springs -The Hot Springs just outside Cantra at the bottom of the map is a favourite place of mine for solo play. The Hot Springs’ two major houses overlooking a square of minor sheds and loot points have reliably provided me with enough good loot to start rotating West to Cantra or North to the Cement Factory or the Castle to get a few kills and a whole lot more gear leading into the mid-game. (High/Medium Risk)

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