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PUBG Attachments | Best PUBG grips

PUBG Attachments - Best PUBG grips | PUBG MOBILE Tips: Using the right set of attachments along with your guns in PUBG Mobile definitely gives you an advantage over your opponents in the game. Gun attachments include sights, grips, magazines, muzzles, and stock. Here's a guide to verious pubg grips.

PUBG Attachments | Best PUBG grips
PUBG Attachments | Best PUBG grips

List of PUBG Grips available in PUBG Mobile:

  1. Vertical Grip
  2. Angled Grip
  3. Half Grip
  4. Thumb Grip
  5. Light Grip

Best PUBG grips. How to decide:

A lot of players are unaware of these attachments actually help in improving your shooting skills. So today I am going to talk about grips which can be attached with various guns to improve your accuracy. Of course, you can’t just slap and grip onto your gun. You need to understand how a particular grip works. The main function of a grip is to reduce recoil, you know the jolts that you get after shooting a round of bullet which completely ruins your aim. So let’s understand all of them.

Vertical Grip

PUBG Attachments | Best PUBG grips
Vertical Grip PUBG
The vertical grip is an appropriate choice for weapons with strong vertical recoil. Which would be the Beryl M762 and the Thompson SMG. It is also the only grip compatible with the Thompson SMG. 

It is great to control vertical recoil and offers good weapon stability, which is extremely important during bursts. 

The point to be noted is that vertical recoil is predictable, however, the horizontal recoil isn't as it goes both ways. This makes the vertical grip slightly less useful. 

PUBG Attachments | Best PUBG grips
Angled Grip PUBG

Angled Grip

The angled grip makes a significant difference to the horizontal recoil when in steady-state and therefore works great with SMG and AR weapons. 

Another plus for this grip is that this grip offers better ADS speed. One thing to note is that the angles grip doesn’t offer a lot of weapon steadiness.

Half Grip

PUBG Attachments | Best PUBG grips

Often mistaken for the flare gun when busy looting, the half grip is a great attachment when you need something that helps in recoil recovery. 

The half grip fairly reduces recoil and most importantly improves recoil recovery. 

One major shortcoming is that the weapon steadiness is reduced while using this attachment, so it is better to use it with weapons that are fairly stable like the AUG A3, UMP45, and the Vector.

Thumb Grip

PUBG Attachments | Best PUBG grips

The thumb grip secures this position for its versatility by offering weapon stability and reducing the time taken to open a scope or ADS (Aim Down Sight).

The thumb grip also reduces recoil on a good scale, but not as good as the vertical grip. this makes it a great attachment for scoped weapons.

Light Grip
PUBG Attachments | Best PUBG grips

When it comes to taking single shots, unarguably the light grip is the best. It offers stable guns like the Vector or UMP45 amazing accuracy.

It has the best weapon stability, but exchanges that for a high recoil. This is best used with DMRs like the SKS.

Check out my aiming guide.

PUBG Attachments | Best PUBG grips

Hopefully you've found this helpful and I've demystified the "PUBG MOBILE grips" at least a little bit. Honestly, I still primarily use the thump/vertical grip just so I don't have to spend any of my thought and focus on grips and can focus on the situation at hand. However, if given some extra time and thought, I will try to pick a more effective grip accordingly. 

It's also good to carry an extra one around to switch depending on your circumstances so you don't have to worry about making the wrong decision. Grips don't weigh much so it should be no problem to carry an extra.

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