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How to SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile (Settings)

SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG MOBILE: This guide explains how to spot Enemies in PUBG Mobile. These PUBG Mobile Settings and Tips will help you Find Enemies and get those juicy kills. If that sounds interesting then let's get started with the PUBG Mobile Tips.

How to SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile (Settings)
How to SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile (Settings)
In a game like PUBG Mobile, spotting an enemy before they spot you is really important. Even when they spot you first you should be able to find the enemy once they fire the first bullet. Sometimes you have no visual information available and you will have to locate your enemy with the help of sound.

PUBG Mobile Settings to Spot Enemies:

  1. Contrast
  2. High Pixel Density
  3. Proper Graphics Settings
  4. Map Awareness
  5. Increased Eye Movement
  6. Direction Of Sound

How to Spot/Find Enemies in PUBG Mobile

Graphics Settings

PUBG Mobile has some really good graphics. But those high graphics come at the cost of reduced framerate, especially if your device is not that high end.

Try keeping Anti-Aliasing on. It smoothens the pixels on the edges and helps spot enemies. Higher-resolution screen will make it better as pixel density will be higher.

How to SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile (Settings)
PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings | MGSTATS
The style should be kept "Movie" because it has high contrast and looks good even in low quality. The high contrast is important to make enemies appear lighter in darker backgrounds and darker in lighter backgrounds. Set the brightness to the max for even better results. 

How to SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile (Settings)
Shadow Settings | PUBG Mobile Settings | MGSTATS
Turn off shadows at higher settings, because above smooth graphics settings, shadows start to appear, which provide a high visual field due to which our brain has to process all that information. This often causes us to miss certain important pieces of information which the game is offering us. I would suggest smooth settings but you can go with balanced as well.

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Eye Movement

Movement catches the eye. This is why moving targets are easier to detect as compared to stationary targets. Whenever there is an enemy on terrain, he causes odd spot at his location. And eye movement is a great way to detect this oddness on the plane because in a way you are moving a stationary target. 

Eye movement helps a lot and to understand how important eye movement is, take look at this example.

How to SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile (Settings)
Eye Movement | PUBG Mobile Settings | MGSTATS

The guy lying on the grass was missed because the vision was focussed at one point that is at the crosshair of the sope. Even a slight eye movement would have helped in spotting the enemy.

How to SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile (Settings)Another, mistake which players make is tunnel visioning. You should keep looking around you by using the free look tool so that if someone sneaks up from behind, you can react to it.


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Map Awareness

What I mean by this is that, is that you need to be aware of what's happening around you. For example, if there is a popular city close to you or a supply drop near you, then you need to be cautious as most probably, enemies will be there and you should keep an eye on that location.

How to SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile (Settings)
Map Awareness | PUBG Mobile Settings | MGSTATS

In the end circle, buildings are the places where enemies usually hide. Also, you should avoid buildings as enemies will go there to hide or in search of other enemies. Instead, you should use the terrain as your cover.


Sound plays a very important role in PUBG. The sound in pubg is directional in nature. So, if you've been playing without headphones then you are really at a disadvantage.

How to SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile (Settings)
Footsteps | PUBG Mobile Settings | MGSTATS

In the mobile version of PUBG, you do get markers on mini-map but they fail to give the appropriate location. This where you should take advantage of the sound. Different heights have different sounds, so you can use it to figure out at which floor, the enemy is at.

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How to SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile (Settings)
Footsteps | PUBG Mobile Settings | MGSTATS

Different grenades have different sounds so you can tell which nade is thrown at you or when the enemy starts to cook a nade.

Footsteps and Vehicle sounds can be heard from far away but markers only appear when they get close

So, that's it for the "SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile Guide" hope these PUBG Mobile Tips were helpful. If you have any questions, you can ask them in comments or DM me on my Instagram.

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