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How to make your own PUBG Mobile Perfect SENSITIVITY SETTINGS

PUBG Mobile Perfect SENSITIVITY SETTINGSMaking and Setting up your own sensitivity setting is the best thing you can do to take your gameplay to the next level. And if you have been searching for a guide that can help you with this then I'm happy to tell you that you have come to the right place.

How to make your own PUBG Mobile Perfect SENSITIVITY SETTINGS
How to make your own PUBG Mobile Perfect SENSITIVITY SETTINGS

What a lot of players do is that they copy the sensitivity of professional players, thinking that it will allow them to play like those professional players. But it is a huge mistake because:

  • Every person's hands and thumb movements are different. So, what works for one person won't necessarily work for others.
  • The phone is different and every screen responds differently to touch. Some are more sensitive than others.
  • If you change your phone, then your previous sensitivities will not feel the same on the new device because the screen is different even if the player is the same.
So, stop copying others and work on your personalised settings.

How to make your own PUBG Mobile Perfect SENSITIVITY SETTINGS?

Steps we will cover:
  1. Understanding the settings and where they are applied.
  2. Understanding where you need to use them.
  3. Trying different settings by trial-and-error.
  4. Making minor adjustments as you feel the settings
  5. Practise.

Setting up your sensitivity in this game is much more complicated than other games as you have multiple sets of different sensitivities. This guide will help you understand each and everyone and show you how to set up your sensitivity for the best aim possible. If that sounds interesting then, let's get started.

Understanding the settings:

Here we will see what a setting does and where it is applied.

Camera Sensitivity (Free Look)

This is the standard sensitivity for looking around the environment and for your eye tool.

  • 3rd Person camera is used in TPP
  • 1st Person camera is used in FPP
  • Camera is applied when you are parachuting or diving mid-air.

Camera Sensitivity

Under this category is the sensitivity which applies when you move your camera without shooting. So, when you are just looking around, moving the camera. This is also the sensitivity used when sniping.

ADS Sensitivity

This sensitivity is applied when you move your camera while shooting or spraying. so, the moment you touch the fire button, these sensitivity settings take over the previous settings and the moment you leave it the previous settings come back into effect. This is the sensitivity we look at for recoil control.


This is the sensitivity of tilting your scope without using your thumb to move the camera. Here, the tilting sensitivity is the same for both normal camera and ADS. Turning on gyroscope can greatly improve the accuracy of your shots and also help in recoil control (by tilting phone downwards while spraying).


How to set up sensitivity:

Here we will change sensitivities and then make minor adjustments.

First, decide which setting you want to change. Then stand in front of two targets. Pick up and open the scope if it is a scope's sensitivity, and if it is no scope sensitivity then just stand normally.

For sensitivities under Camera section:

If you are changing the sensitivities under camera section then place your crosshair on the first target and quickly slide your thumb to move the crosshair towards the second target. Now, because you moved it quickly, you must have already assumed how much thumb movement is required to take it to the next target.

Now, let's say if on moving the thumb, your crosshair went ahead of the target, then the sensitivity setting is higher then it needs to be. So, reduce it in the settings. Now try to move it from target one to target two again. 

This time, let's say it could not reach the target, this means that you reduced it too much. So, increase it but slightly. Now try again. After trying a few times you will be able to rest the crosshair in the second target. Leave it as it is.

Now, this doesn't mean that you have necessarily got a perfect sensitivity but you need to practice switching targets with a few times to make sure that it's correct. Sometimes, it might be slightly high or slightly low from where it needs to be and you can only figure it out after trying it multiple times.

All of this will take you about 5 minutes. Now do not change it at all and move to the next setting.

For sensitivities under ADS section:

If you are changing the sensitivities under ADS section then you need to place your crosshair on the first target just like before. But now, you need to equip an auto gun and press on the fire button and then quickly slide your thumb to move the crosshair towards the second target. So you are moving the crosshair while firing the gun because this is how you activate ADS settings. 

Remember to slide the thumb quickly. Rest of the procedure is the same as before the only difference is that you need to do it while firing the weapon.

For sensitivities under Gyroscope section:

For changing the sensitivities under Gyroscope section, place your crosshair on the first target and now instead of moving your thumb, quickly tilt your phone to move the crosshair towards the second target.

Rest of the procedure is the same as before. Here you don't need to fire the weapon because for gyro camera and ADS sensitivities are same.


Now you need to first practise in the training ground. While practising, you might find your sensitivities slightly off sometimes and this is because you are still used to the old sensitivities. But even after 2-3 days you are still feeling problem in one or two settings then you can adjust it. But if the problem feels in all of them then you probably just need more practice. After you start to feel comfortable,  move to arcades and classics (you won't be good so try to play fewer classics).

One last thing, do not move back to old settings because you will take time to build muscle memory. It can take anywhere between 1-4 weeks. After that, you will be comfortable enough to not feel like going back. Now, the more you use them the better you will get.

And, that was it for this Perfect Sensitivity guide guys. Hope you liked it if you did, do tell me in the comments below or you can contact me on Instagram. Subscribe to the blog either by hitting the follow button or by the newsletter so that you get notified every time I post a new article. Thank You for making it this far and as always safe battlegrounds.


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