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9+ deadly mistakes to avoid in PUBG MOBILE

Mistakes in PUBG MOBILE: The reason for your "better luck next time" is you made some mistakes in the game. Therefore, here I will discuss 10 deadly mistakes to avoid in PUBG Mobile. A single mistake can cost you the game. Read these PUBG Mobile Tips to Ensure that you avoid making noob mistakes in your quest for that elusive Chicken Dinner.

9+ deadly mistakes to avoid in PUBG MOBILE
9+ deadly mistakes to avoid in PUBG MOBILE

We will start at number 10 and end up on the most deadly mistake while playing PUBG MOBILE.

Deadly Mistakes that get you Killed

10. Not being prepared for early fights

Early fights are common in PUBG as many chose to hot drop for instant action. However many also prefer to drop at a more distant location away from other players, but this does not mean that early fights won't occur and not being prepared for early aggression is definitely a deadly mistake.

9. Running in a straight line

Running in a straight line will allow your enemy to line up a perfect shot and is a very deadly mistake. Even in a rush situation, at least try to run in a zig-zag pattern.

9+ deadly mistakes to avoid in PUBG MOBILE
Running Straight | PUBG Mobile | MGSTATS

8. Dying to obvious bait

Baiting your enemies is a great move and will get you a lot of kills. So, next time before peaking on an enemy, make sure, the shooting pattern made sense. Because if it doesn't sound like an actual fight, then it probably isn't.

7. Engaging too early

If you attack your enemy before you have a clean shot then you are giving him a chance to get back into a fight or giving away your position. Instead of getting an easy kill, you can get sent back to the lobby.

6. Over exposing yourself / not leaning

Overexposing yourself or body peaking can be really deadly and is completely unnecessary. Instead of peaking with your entire body, make sure you lean out to avoid being an easy target.

9+ deadly mistakes to avoid in PUBG MOBILE
Lean | Shoot | PUBG Mobile | MGSTATS

5. Not changing your position when spotted

When you've been spotted in combat, your enemy, your enemy will know exactly where you are and exactly where to aim. Always change your position once you are spotted or you will be a really easy and predictable target.

4. Not paying attention to your sound

Everyone knows that your sound is incredibly important in PUBG but there are many who aren't paying attention or playing with very low volume.

3. Peaking a sniper from a predictable angle

If you just peeked a sniper, the sniper will know exactly where you are and peeking again from the same position is very deadly.

9+ deadly mistakes to avoid in PUBG MOBILE
PUBG Sniper | PUBG Mobile | MGSTATS

2. Standing still without cover

If you have cover then you need to move around and if you need to sort out your inventory, do that with a cover or while moving around. Because standing still will simply make you such an easy target and this is the second most deadly mistake players make in PUBG.

1. Fighting without cover

Having cover is critical in PUBG. It allows you to avoid damage, heal up and peek to engage with your enemy. Fighting without cover is the deadliest mistake, PUBG players can make. If you decide to engage with your enemy without cover then you better kill him quickly because you have nowhere to go should your initial attack fail.

9+ deadly mistakes to avoid in PUBG MOBILE
No Cover | PUBG Mobile | MGSTATS

This was my list of "Top 10 mistakes by PUBG Mobile players". Hope you found these PUBG Mobile tips helpful. Do follow me on Instagram and Facebook for PUBG stats, tips and memes.

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