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Improve Reaction Time in video games like pubg

How to improve reaction time: In this post, I will be talking about how you can improve your reaction time in PUBG Mobile and also Call of Duty Mobile. I get a lot of questions on reaction time and reflexes, so I decided to write a post where I can talk about reaction time and the things which increase it.

Improve Reaction Time in video games like pubg
Improve Reaction Time in video games like pubg
Now before we get into it, you have to understand how reaction time works. So first of all, there are basically three types of reaction times. Usually, when we are talking about reaction time, we are talking about a visual stimulus, meaning that, something you see and then you react to it which is about 250ms for an average human.

You also have audio stimulus which means you hear something and then you react to it. This is faster with an average of 170ms and the fastest being touch but that is not important as you do not get that in games. Now Let's get started with these PUBG MobileTips.

How to improve reaction time in PUBG Mobile:

  1. Learn to use sound to gain an advantage.
  2. Change scope settings to hold.
  3. Learn to switch targets fast.
  4. Implement Pre-Aiming.
  5. Build Muscle memory.
  6. Improve Reflexes with the help of apps.

Use Sound

As I mentioned earlier, reaction time for sound is less compared to visuals. So, if you use sound properly, you can gain an advantage over others and improve your reaction time. You will need good earphones for this.

Improve Reaction Time in video games like pubg
Gaming Headsets - PUBG Mobile - MGSTATS
The first way you can do this is by recognising gunshot directions. Most players look at minimap after hearing gunshots. This causes a delay as you are first changing your focus to the minimap and then reacting to it. A lot of pro players immediately turn in the direction of fire and start shooting without thinking by doing this because if you need to think then you will take time.

The second way is by recognising enemy position through footsteps. This way you can pre-aim at the enemy location and prepare yourself to start shooting. I will talk more about this further in the guide.

Scope on Hold

This is a setting which you should change because it will take you longer to open and close the scope by tapping twice in tap mode as compared to hold mode. This slightly increased time delay prevents you from aiming at the target immediately and increases the overall reaction time

It can also sometimes cause problems in stress situations as players end up leaving it open in panic. Hold-scope option will make you faster and therefore improve reaction time.

Improve Reaction Time in video games like pubg
Scope Mode - PUBG Mobile - MGSTATS

This also stops you from quick scoping which can come in handy at times but with tap mode, your scope will end up opening again after a shot fro a bolt action and you might end up taking a few shots which you could have avoided otherwise.

Target Switching

Another issue related to scopes is that players switch targets with their scopes open. Now scope sensitivity is often low compared to no-scope sensitivity. 

This means that you will be able to hit your target faster if you first aim and then scope in on the target. This will surely improve your reaction time.

When players see and enemy, they first scope in and then drag to the enemy position. This again increases reaction time as they were able to spot the enemy but could not react early.

This will also provide you with a  greater field of view so you will have more information about your surroundings.


When you are entering a building, you should keep your crosshair pointed towards the position where the enemy can possibly hide or if you know where he is going to be when you enter the room then aim at that point so that when you enter the room, you can immediately start shooting.

Improve Reaction Time in video games like pubg
Aim before revealing yourself - Pre-Aiming

You can also implement this by pre-aiming at the point from where the enemy is about to walk out or pass.
It will improve reaction time significantly as you know how to react before you encounter the enemy.

Muscle Memory

Make a layout of your controls and set your sensitivity settings. Then practice with this layout and sensitivity. The more you practise, the lesser you will have to think about your actions and the lesser you think the faster you react. Slowly but surely you will improve your reaction time.

Improve Reaction Time in video games like pubg
Practice - PUBG Mobile - MGSTATS


There are certain apps available which you can download and use to slightly improve your reflexes which will also help you improve reaction timeTwo of such apps are Reaction Trainer and Reaction Time.

So, that's all for this " Improve Reaction Time guide ", let me know if these PUBG Mobile tips helped you in the comments below. Also, don't forget to follow me on Instagram where I share more tips related to PUBGM.

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