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How to aim like a PRO!!! PUBG Mobile Tips 10K+ Views

How to aim like a PRO: Is it like this, you have been playing PUBG Mobile for a long time but you are not able to aim properly? This guide explains how to improve aim in PUBG Mobile. Aim Perfectly in PUBG Mobile whether using a scope at long range, aiming down sights or hip firing. Now Let's get started with the PUBG Mobile Tips and tricks.

How to aim like a PRO!!! Mobile Tips and Tricks
How to aim like a PRO!!! Mobile Tips and Tricks

How to aim like a PRO!!! Mobile Tips and Tricks

Ways of Aiming

Let’s first discuss the different ways in which you can aim. So, there are actually 3 ways to aim inside of a mobile shooting game.

  • The first way is by moving the camera using your thumb to look around and change the direction in which your player is looking.
  • The second way is by moving the player using your thumb. When you move your player using your joystick, the crosshair will also move and can help you make slight adjustments.

  • The third way is very unique to mobile and that is a gyroscope. Here you move your device and your camera in-game will move according to the motion. It is a very advanced technique that a lot of pro players use.


Pre aiming is basically when you put your crosshair where enemies are likely to be present when you are moving around.

Obviously, you don’t know where enemies are in most cases, you are just guessing where they can be and aiming at those places. What this does is that if someone is actually present there, then you are already aiming at them and immediately start shooting at him without wasting time moving the camera and pointing at the enemy which is a huge advantage.

It also applies when you see a player unexpectedly in front of you. What you should do here first move your cursor/crosshair as close to them as possible and then zoom in compared to zooming in first and then moving the cursor. This is a really important tip to improve your aim because as soon as you scope in, you are already on the player.

Leading/Bullet Drop

Now, this doesn’t apply in very close-range combat but in medium to long-range, it is very important if you want top hit moving targets. Leading a shot means that you have to shoot where they are going to be when the bullet reaches them, as the bullet takes time to travel to the target.

This goes for bullet drop too. Which means your bullet going lower than the point where your crosshair is. This happens because gravity pulls the bullet down while it is travelling. So you have to aim a little higher than your target.


Sensitivity is the relationship between how much you move your thumb and how much the camera moves. So, if the sensitivity is high then the camera will move a lot even if you slightly shift your thumb and if sensitivity is low then the camera movement will be less even if you slide your thumb a lot.
I have written a detailed guide on how you can set up your own sensitivity which you can check out by clicking on the following link:

Recoil Control

A recoil in all shooting games (at least the realistic ones) has two aspects to it.

1.  Vertical Recoil: When you are shooting, the gun starts moving up. That’s vertical recoil.
2.  Horizontal recoil: When you shoot your gun, it shakes and starts going left and right randomly.

The difference between vertical and horizontal and vertical recoil is that vertical recoil only goes in one direction and horizontal recoil can go in either left or right direction.
Now, to control vertical recoil, all you have to do is to pull down your thumb while aiming to move the camera down which will counter the crosshair moving up and keep it at one place. You will have to set the sensitivity for this and keep practising with it to make muscle memory.

For horizontal recoil, you will have to move your camera in the opposite direction to where your crosshair is moving. Another thing you can do is use half grip or angled grip. These grips help control horizontal recoil quite a bit. Check out my guide on grips:

It is not going to work right away; you will have to hop into the training room and start shooting a plank or wall with a gun to get familiar with it.
Another method of recoil control is bursting where you fire is short bursts shoot 3-4 shots then stop then repeat) and you will want to do this at longer distances only.


Hip Fire or Hip Shooting is firing without aiming down the sights. You need a laser sight to increase your hip-fire accuracies.
Hip fire causes a lot of bullet spread, so this is not something you would want to do at long range but it is very useful at short range, as it provides quick camera movement and bullet spread is not a huge problem at short range.


The last thing, I wanted to touch upon is your device. The larger the device and the less lag you have, the better your aim will be. So, a new iPad will be much better than an old iPhone. Also, a phone with a gyroscope is much comparable to an iPad with no gyroscope. You can visit my sensitivity guide to know more about gyro and if you want me to make a separate guide on gyroscope or anything else related to PUBGM, do let me know in the comments below.

This is it for the "What is Hip Firing | Shooting from the Hip", hope you found these PUBG Mobile tips helpful, tell me in the comments.
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