Thursday, March 12, 2020

PUBG MOBILE Season 13 Update

PUBG Mobile Season 13: PUBG Mobile Season 12 will end on 11th May 2020. Season 13 will begin from 13th May 2020 and is expected to get unlocked at 7:30 AM IST (GMT +5:30). There will be a small in-game update that will unlock the RP section.

PUBG MOBILE Season 13 Update
PUBG MOBILE Season 13 Update

PUBG Mobile Season 13

Season 13 Royale Pass would bring a brand new male character, Andy, whose the ability would be to increase the speed of drawing and holstering guns.

We could see these major changes:

EvoGround New Mode: Bluehole Mode

The Bluehole Mode is coming soon to PUBG Mobile. In this mode, Erangel will have two zones, an outer and inner zone. The inner zone marks the next play zone but players within this playzone will lose health till the outer zone is present. “Once the outer zone finishes shrinking to the inner circle, a new inner zone will appear.” The supplies in this mode will spawn with a 50 percent increase over the Classic Mode in Erangel and players will be able to revive their downed teammates in 4 seconds.

Classic Mode: Jungle Adventure

During this event, when players search for a match in Sanhok, there is random chance they will enter the Jungle Adventure Mode. This mode adds Totem that will grant a chance to get a blessing or item. Players will find Jungle Food that they can consume for “mysterious effects.” There will also be Hot Air Balloons allowing players to survey the battlefield.

Guncraft Finishes

Guncraft Finishes will allow players to further customise their weapons by overlapping basic images and creating emblems. Materials can be attained from direct purchases or the wheel. Graffiti can also be exchanged for stickers and these stickers can be applied to weapons as a finish.

Additionally, the Royale Pass would bring the Power Ranger Mythic Outfit, Vector Skin, four new emotes and much more. Out of these new items, Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger would unlock at Rank 50 and the Ultra Defender Set at Rank 100. The entire season, based on the toy theme, would be called 'Toy Playground.'

The price of the Royale Pass has been leaked. The elite Royale Pass would cost 600 UC, and the elite upgrade plus Royale Pass would be worth 1800 UC. If players do not wish to buy a Royale Pass, then they can complete the free Royale Pass missions and unlock the free rewards.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update has been released officially on Google Playstore and Apple Store. It has brought Miramar 2.0, Gun-crafting feature, Golden Mirado and much more. The update requires 1.97 GB of free space in Android devices and 2.21 GB of free storage space in iOS devices.

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