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Bluehole Mode: All you need to know

Bluehole Mode: BlueHole Mode is released with Pubg Mobile update 0.18.0 .The Bluehole Mode is an intense hardcore mode where you have two zones, an outer and inner zone. The inner zone is the newest addition to the map. If you go inside the inner blue zone, you will suffer the same damage as you faced in the outer zone.

What is Blue hole mode in PUBG Mobile?

Bluehole Mode is an intense hardcore mode that has been designed specifically to prevent players from camping in safe zones that gave them an advantage. When using the mode, two different zones are formed – an outer and an inner zone. The mode increases the spawn rate, where the last team standing wins the Chicken Dinner.

The inner zone is a new zone added to the map that is highlighted with blue colour. If players enter the zone too early, they will suffer the same damage they would in the outer zone. In simple words, you should always stay outside the inner circle but inside the outer circle before the blue zone finally turns into the next safe zone. As soon as the blue zone is open, the next circle turns blue. The process continues until the game is over.

One of the major advantages of the zones is that players will have knowledge of where the next zone will be created or when a blue circle will turn into the next safe zone. This is when the next blue circle will be formed inside it until the game finally ends. Players should also note that each squad will have the exact same time to get into the zone to fight each other. The supplies will spawn with a 50% rise in the Classic Mode Erangel map where players will be able to revive their teammates under 4 seconds. And with the inclusion of a blue zone inside the outer region, the battle space will now be smaller in size. 

What else is coming with PUBG Mobile update 1.18.0?

The Bluehole isn’t the only new game mode introduced with the latest PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update. It also comes with a Jungle Adventure mode that includes hot air balloons to allow players to scout out the surroundings and spot opponents. Another major addition is the updated Miramar map with a sandstorm. There are also a few additions to the arsenal.


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