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CANTED SIGHT | PUBG Mobile | All you need to know!!

Canted Sight | PUBG Mobile | All you need to know: What's good people? Hope you all are doing great. PUBG Mobile released a new update recently and the one thing that I liked the most about it is the introduction of canted sight to the game. This is MGSTATS and today we will discuss everything related to canted sight.

CANTED SIGHT | PUBG Mobile | All you need to know!!
CANTED SIGHT | PUBG Mobile | All you need to know!!


First of all lets discuss what is a canted sight. So, Canted Sight is a new scope for weapons in PUBG Mobile with a secondary scope slot, that allows players to quickly switch between between equipped sights. Basically you will be able to equip two scopes on one gun at the same time. One scope is already mounted or fixed on the canted sight(side scope) and the second one will be a slot where you can put whichever scope you desire(main scope). You will be able to pick the canted sight on the map just like any other item.

Canted Sight Button
Canted Sight Button

So, now that we know what a canted sight is. Let's discuss how it works, how you are going to operate it, all that good stuff.
When you open your settings, you should notice an option named "Canted Sight Button" in the basic tab. If you cant then maybe you need to update the game.
Now, there are two options here. One is "tap to use scope" and the other is "tap to switch scope". So lets, understand both of them.

Tap to use scope

If you select this option, then you will get a button on your screen which will allow you to open the side scope of the canted sight. And the function of the scope-in button will remain the same and it will open the main scope that you mount on top of the canted sight.

tap to use scope
Tap to Use Scope

Tap to switch scope

If you select this option, then you will get a different button. This button will act as a switch which will help you toggle between the main and side scopes by tapping on it. If the button shows the main scope then when you tap on the scope-in button, it will open the main scope. Tap on it once, it will switch to the side scope, now when you tap on your scope-in button, the side scope will open.

Tap to switch scope main
Tap to switch scope (main)

Tap to switch scope side
Tap to switch scope (side)

To sum it up, tap to open scope gives you separate buttons for separate scopes but tap to switch button, lets use one button to open both scopes by letting you switch its function using another button.
Hope that makes sense.

You can pick whichever option you please. I would suggest you try both of them out once and see what works for you.
One thing to note is that if you select tap to use scope then you won't be able to open the side scope by holding, you will only be able to tap to open the side scope. So, if you like to use "hold to scope" then you will not get that option on your canted sight side scope but you still will be able to open the main scope by holding.
But if you select tap to switch scope, then you will be able to open both scopes by holding as you are only using the main scope-in button to open both scopes.

And that was it for the "CANTED SIGHT Guide". Hope you found it helpful and if you liked it then follow the blog by clicking on the follow button on the top. You can also subscribe to our channel for video content. Share it with your squad if you want to help me grow. Thank you for making it this far and as always, SAFE BATTLEGROUNDS.


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