PUBG Mobile Season 14: PUBG Mobile Season 14 will launch in june, but the latest update of patch 0.18.5 is now LIVE!.After a season 12 full of events, everything has come to an end, but there is still time to finish your battle pass! The latest update brings a new canted sight, new modes, performance updates new scope on win94 and much more.We are also prepared to bring at least three character masks and multi-weapon masks as part of the rewards of the royal pass. 

PUBG Mobile New Update : Season 14
PUBG Mobile New Update : Season 14

PUBG Mobile Season 14

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass Details:

In the new Royale Pass, celebrate the second anniversary of PUBG MOBILE with the Royale Pass reward updates.Choose a final set of two. Anniversary themed items are returning to the store, don’t miss them! 

The display of the purchase and update interface has also been improved and support for exclusive coupons (available at events) has been added.

Players who have not purchased a Royale Pass in the last 3 seasons (9, 10 and 11) and players who have registered in season 14 but who have not purchased a Royale Pass before will receive additional benefits when they buy this season.

More recently, some items from the Royale Pass were leaked. and YouTubers have been sharing what is offered.

There are three helmet masks that could come this season, all incorporating an elegant dragon appearance, as well as four backpack masks and, to the surprise of many, wingsuits.

A new character: Sara is coming, which is similar to Victor. Improve your character to gain skills.
Weapon Skins RP
1: Naughty Imp – QBZ (Epic)
20: Unsleeping City Grenade (Epic)
60: Past Glory – QBU (Legendary)
90: Draconic Fury – AKM (Legendary)
New Outfits RP

RP 1: Thorn Bramble Set (Legendary)
10: Thorn Bramble Headgear (Legendary)
RP 45: Unsleeping City Headgear (Epic)
50: Unsleeping City Set (Legendary)
55: Unsleeping City Mask (Epic)
RP 65: Syndicate Hat (Epic)
70: Syndicate Tabard Set (Epic)
95: Lava Beret Headgear (Legendary)
RP 100: Lava Beret Set (Mythic), Lava Beret Mask (Legendary)
Magma Treasure Crate

You will get a total of 9 Magma Treasure Crate. Besides, you can also open crate at 30 UC or buy crate at 45 RP when you reach RP 100. Items included in this crates are

Cherubic Angel Backpack
Freestyle Top
Freestyle Shoes
Police Shirt
Police Pants
Bomber Hat

Bomber Pants
Graffiti: Threaten, Armored Helmet, Cool
Silver Fragment
Free Outfits
RP 10: Street Performer Headgear
20: Street Performer Mask
RP 30: Street Performer Pants
35: Street Performer Shoes
RP 60: Street Performer Top
Vehicle, Plane and Helmet Skins
RP 15: Ice Sculpture Snowmobile (Legendary)
RP 30: Mischievous Mascots UAZ (Legendary)
40: Unsleeping City Finish – Plane (Legendary)
RP 80: Dragonling Helmet (Legendary)

The PUBG Mobile Season 14 update will be titled as 0.19.0. It is already available in beta. The update would introduce new masks, clothing and accessories that are expected to be based on the theme of the celebration.