Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The new KD System in PUBG Mobile Explained!!!

The new KD System in PUBG Mobile Explained: What's up people. Hope you all are doing great. This is MGSTATS and in in this article I am going to explain the new K/D system which was introduced in this season i.e. Season 13. A lot of people have doubts on what this system is, how it works, how it is different from the old one, all that will be discussed here. I'll also talk a little on how this is a good change for the game.

New KD System in PUBG Mobile
New K/D System in PUBG Mobile

The new KD System in PUBG Mobile Explained

So, if you look at the image of this old K/D ratio, and then look at this image of new K/D ratio here, you can see that there is a small number in brackets written right next to your K/D ratio.

new KD System

New vs Old KD System

Both of these numbers are your K/D ratios. But the bigger one is your new K/D and the smaller one in brackets is the K/D calculated by the old system.

Now, you'll ask what is this new and old system.
So, if you look at the old formula for K/D ratio:
 K/D = Number of kills/Number of Deaths
and the new formula for K/D ratio:
K/D= Number of kills/Number of Matches(No of deaths + No of wins)
the number of wins is now also considered in the K/D ratio.
So, in a way even your win is also counted as a death. And overall, this will lower your K/D by a huge extent if you win a lot (or camp a lot).

And now I will explain how this is a good thing for the game. This new system for calculating the K/D ratio is better because it promotes skills and exposes campers, and I'll explain how.
If a camper camps for the whole match and kills one or two guys in the end and wins the match, his new K/D will only improve slightly as he basically died after killing two people. But the old K/D written in brackets will get a huge boost because a win is not counted as a death in that formula, so no addition in the denominator (death). This will make a huge difference in both the ratios and this difference will prove that the guy is only camping. Whereas someone who is not camping will get both K/D ratios around the same number.

Earlier what used to happen, is that even if you won a match with only one kill, your K/D got a huge boost because your win was not counted as a death. But now, even winning is counted as a death.

So,  entering a match, killing a guy and dying early is same as camping for the whole match, killing one guy at the end to win the match.
This way campers will not get huge K/D ratios that they used to get before. And this makes kill to death ratio a much much better representative of one's skill.

That's all I had to say about this new system. Tell me if you agree or disagree in the comments. Share this if you liked it. Don't forget to follow. See ya in the next one.

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