Saturday, June 13, 2020

How to get more kills in SANHOK in ASIA Server

In Order to get more kills firstly, all you-ness is a skill and be a gunslinger. You should prefer taking a hot drop only if you are confident enough to clear the player landing there. Else, you should prefer playing slow and steady i.e drop in a not so safe place where you get a minimal amount of player against you.
Then, you should get fairly good loot and attack your opponent close to you in the easiest way possible that is unpredictable by your opponent.
You should make a wise gun comb[Long Range+Short Range].
My favourite gun combo is
  • AKM+M416.
  • M762+M416.
In this way, you can tackle your enemy at any distance with your skills and mindset.
And finally, in order to have a good viewing angle, I suggest you to prefer high ground to spot enemies easily And practice as much as ossicle with different guns at different ranges.

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