Saturday, October 10, 2020

Do not vote on 7 Explained | Among Us Impostor Strategy

What's up people. Hope you all are doing great. Today I am going to explain a situation that you might have come across in among us where someone asked you to skip on 4 or 7 players. Or if you watch other players online then you would have heard them say do not vote on seven. And you might have wondered, but why?

Do not vote on 7 Explained | Among Us Impostor Strategy
Do not vote on 7 Explained | Among Us Impostor Strategy

So this is one of the rules or sort of practice that experienced players or even casual players who understand the game have adopted. And in this post, I will explain why and when you should not vote on seven.

So there are two situations in among us when you should not vote if you are not completely sure who the impostor is. These are when there are 2 impostors and 5 crewmates. So in total 7 players. And the second is when there is 1 impostor and 3 crewmates. In total 4 players.

Now the reason or logic behind this is that if you are not sure who the real impostor is and you vote the wrong player, the impostors get a huge advantage. Even though you have a shot in the dark to get the right player, the chances are very low. So, it is best to skip the vote and try to keep an eye on whoever is sus or work in groups of three. 

and if you vote the wrong the player then there is actually a strategy that the impostors can use which pretty much guarenties their win. Like even if the players know who the impostor is now, they can not win.

So in case of seven players. If you vote out the wrong player. Then that leaves 6 players in total. So the impostors only have to kill 2 players to win the game. Now all they need to do is to sabotage the reactor or o2.

This forces the crewmates to rush to the reactor or admin and o2 which separates them two groups. Now the impostors can camp at the panels and double kill at the same time. This will not give the crewmates any time to report and the impostors immediately win the game.

Now in the second case with 4 players. If you vote the wrong player, all the impostor needs to do is kill one player and that's it. even if you know who the real impostor is after the vote, the impostor can immediately sabotage reactor and o2 to get enough time to cooldown his kill timer and because of the sabotage, the players can not call a meeting and are forced to leave to fix the sabotage.

So, if you are in this situation, not voting is the best option to avoid such situations.

And that was it for this post guys. Hope you all liked it. Don't forget to share it with your friends. And I'll see you in the next one.

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