Sunday, October 11, 2020

How to do CARD SWIPE easily in Among Us

How to do CARD SWIPE easily in Among Us: Card swipe in Admin is one of those take which are infamous for failing when you need to do them the most. And it is a painful task to do because you just have to use you intuition to swipe the card with the perfect speed, there is no way to really get it perfect.

How to do card swipe easily Among Us
How to do card swipe easily Among Us

But, I have a method which I developed somehow after failing many times and you can use it to do this task with ease. Most of the time it takes me only one attempt and even if I do fail, I successfully swipe it in the second attempt. 

So, what I do is that I fast swipe the card halfway and then stop near the arrow head on machine for about one second and then fast swipe the rest of the way.

And that's it. This nethod works better because it is much easier for us to just wait for a certain amount of time than to change the speed everytime and try to get that perfect speed. so, You just have to wait for about one second, but you can swipe with the same speed everytime. You dont need to change the you just have to change the time for which you stop in the middle.

And even if you do fail, you can just increase or decrease the waiting time depending on what the machine tells you. The longest it will take is like 4 or 5 attempts if you really mess it up.

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